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KJM services is the consulting arm of Katrina M. We leverage 2 models to assess your IT service management maturity.  As AXELOS certified Maturity Model Assessors, we partner with you to prioritise and assess which ITIL 4 practices are most important for your organisation. 

Then, we use our KJM services Industry Expert Assessment to assess up to 12 environmental factors critical to achieving your strategic goals – because processes are important, but not enough to drive genuine capability uplift.

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What factors do we assess a part of our KJM
industry model assessment?

We not only assess your maturity we provide clear strategic recommendations, quick wins and clear guidance on your roadmap to achiving your maturity goals.​

What do we provide?

We provide a process-by-process summary of AXELOS ITIL 4 maturity findings accompanied by root cause analysis for each in-scope practice. We execute our KJM Industry Expert Assessment and identify positive characteristics and strengths that can be built upon. Our assessment will set realistic goals based on your current shape. Even in organisations with low maturity, we are able to find areas of value to your organisation where maturity can be built swiftly and a clear actionable roadmap. 

Maturity and comprehensive assessments are structured into five maturity levels

How can a maturity assessment help your organisation?

Our maturity assessments provide a structured approach for ongoing development helping your organisation achieve it’s strategic goals by:

Your maturity is assessed by a Board Level practitioner with extensive commercial and transformation experience not a consultant, together with leading practitioners from around the world.

We not only assess your processes, we also assess your IT service management culture – because processes alone do not drive improvement.

Chris Barrett
Board Advisor and Transformation Expert


KJM Services is a valued and trusted service management advisor for my organisation, helping me spearhead major improvement initiatives within my organisation.   Katrina with her team have been instrumental in designing our new Service Management Office and, via KJM Services association with Big House who specialise in service management tooling, offer a true and realistic approach to IT service management.

Recently, I engaged KJM Services, led by Chris Barrett, to conduct an ITIL & IT service management maturity assessment within my organisation.

The model is based on the AXELOS ITIL maturity assessment where the focus is on process maturity.  However, while an assessment of our processes is vital, my experience shows processes alone are not enough.  Using Chris’ experience as a Board Advisor and Transformation specialist, KJM delivered a full IT service management maturity assessment.  This additional perspective on the AXELOS model is where Chris & the team evaluated wider components of our capability including service culture, leadership, sustainability, resources and IT’s alignment to business objectives.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the assessment was the IT service management roadmap – providing clear, actionable, and achievable steps to allow my organisation and my people to continue to improve and thrive.  This was not a fire and forget benchmarking exercise for me – it is a valuable tool to drive our ongoing service management transformation programme.

Brett Reedman

CIO Catholic Healthcare

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